Dementia Support

Dementia Support Group (Early Onset)

A Service aimed at working age or younger people living with Dementia

Brian Jackson House – Thursday afternoons 1.00-3.00 pm

People living with young onset dementia require dedicated age appropriate services able to meet their needs and expectations, which are often different to many services tailored towards older persons.  This often means they find themselves between the ‘gaps’ between most services provided.  The aim of this service is to try and fill this ‘gap’.

Our vision is to provide a base to offer relevant activities and a place to maintain and develop skills, interests and hobbies etc in a friendly and supportive environment.  We offer a once weekly activity/social meeting which will also include getting out and about in the community.  Members and family will also have the option to access specialist advice, peer support and signposting to other relevant services.

There will be a modest fee charged for session attendance and to cover the cost of refreshments, sandwiches or similar. A team of staff and volunteers have the passion and commitment together with other partners to provide this much needed service to enable all users to continue to live well as valuable members of our communities.

For more information please contact Christine Wilson on 01484 415465 or email


Words In Mind (in partnership with Volunteering Kirklees)

This service is where groups of people or individuals living with dementia are supported to enjoy reading, listening, chatting, stimulating and sharing memories, as a way to reduce social isolation. The project uses poetry, literature and reminiscence to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carer’s.

It’s not a book club and there’s no homework! We might talk about local sayings, classic catchphrases, old adverts or proverbs, maybe bring along a favourite piece and see where the conversation takes us!

We are constantly recruiting and training Volunteers to support reading groups for people living with dementia in Kirklees.

The project is delivered across Kirklees in Care Homes, Residential homes and community settings. It encourages participants to interact with others, share stories and experiences, by using literature and poetry and is open and accessible to people of all backgrounds and levels of literacy.

Information on organisations that are helping people with dementia can be found at Kirklees Dementia Action Alliance or the Alzheimer’s Society.

You can also watch 2 short videos about how small changes can help make a dementia friendly community: