Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme

domestic violence

What is the Domestic Abuse Prevention Programme (DAPP)?

The DAPP is a 17 week programme which aims to increase the safety of women and children, and the quality of life of everyone in the family, by working with men who recognise that they have been abusive towards an intimate female partner and who want to stop that behaviour.  Domestic abuse includes physical violence, emotional abuse or any other form of coercive control. The programme runs alongside one-to-one support sessions to ensure men are offered a robust intervention.

Yorkshire Children Centre is one of only fourteen organisations nationally to be fully accredited by RESPECT, the National Association for Domestic Abuse Prevention Programmes and Associated Support. The DAPP is open to men aged 21 and over from any ethnicity or religious background.

What happens on the programme?

This community based programme with centres in Kirklees (Huddersfield) and Calderdale (Halifax) is more than simply an anger management course or support group because it offers a full programme of behavioural change work for abusive men.

Over 17 group sessions, men attending will meet other men who are in similar life situations and support each other whilst working through a range of topics designed specifically to provide them with insight into how their behaviour is abusive and how to learn non-abusive behaviour. If men are not quite ready for group engagement we offer one-to-one readiness sessions for additional support.

The group is facilitated by two staff members and a completion champion – who has completed the programme previously. After successful completion of the programme, men are offered an opportunity to attend Connect – a volunteer run group.

  • The benefits for the men and their families of being honest about how their behaviour affects others
  • The damaging effects of blaming others for their behaviour and how to stop doing it
  • The wide range of impacts of abusive and controlling behaviour on women
  • The (sometimes hidden) impact on children of a father’s abusive behaviour
  • How to be less reactive and prevent the actions of others affecting the choices they make
  • How arguments escalate and how to prevent escalation
  • How to recognise and stop abusive or controlling behaviour before it happens
  • How to avoid being trapped in destructive or repetitive patterns of thinking and relating
  • How to know themselves better so they can stay calm
  • How to take appropriate ‘time outs’
  • How to negotiate more effectively in a relationship

What are the outcomes for men attending the programme and their families?

Research into RESPECT accredited programmes (like the DAPP) shows that most women and children feel significant improvements in their sense of safety after the man completed a programme of this type. This research also shows most women who had experienced sexual or physical violence from their partner stated that this violence had stopped after the programme.

Men who have engaged fully with the programme by attending all the sessions and participating with full honesty have told us they feel a great benefit from the practical skills and fresh perspective they have learned.

These skills and personal insights appear to improve their experience of life and can help them regain contact with their loved ones and build a safer environment for them.

Men also report they have experienced significant encouragement and support from meeting and talking with other men, helping them see they are not alone in their struggle and that progress and change is not only possible but is merely a matter of making better and more informed choices.

What is the Programme timetable?

Application is by referral from statutory and non-statutory agencies (eg. CAFCASS family court advisor, or Social Services in the voluntary or non-voluntary sector), or men can make a self-referral using the downloadable referral form:

Download a professional agency referral form here: Professional Referral Form

Download a self-referral form here: Self Referral Form

If you have an enquiry please mail

Once the referral is received and reviewed, the applicant will be asked to attend two 1.5 hour suitability assessment interviews in Huddersfield or Halifax whichever is most convenient for the applicant.

These interviews take place during office hours. If deemed suitable, the applicant is then invited to 3 weekly group sessions with other new applicants in a group of two to five men. After this, if suitable, the applicant is then invited to join the core programme for 17 weekly group sessions, which will take place in the evening with a larger group of men. Times and locations of the courses are provided once the referral is accepted.

Venues where we provide D.A.P.P

Brian Jackson House
New north Parade
Hd1 5JP

Yorkshire Children’s Centre
Corft Myl
West Parade

For more information

Visit Respect, DAPP Accrediting Body:

Respect Phoneline: Confidential helpline offering advice, information and support to help you stop being violent and abusive to your partner: