Safety Equipment Scheme

safety equipment scheme

Delivered In partnership with Kirklees Early Intervention and Targeted Support. This is a targeted scheme to provide information and fitted equipment on a referral basis only.

Here are some comments from people who have benefited from this scheme:

“Fantastic scheme – My daughters not 1 yet however she is toddling about
so it has been a saviour having it already in place before hand”

“My confidence has improved when at home with my son.
I also feel more aware of dangers after going through the checklist with my Health Visitor”

“Safety in the home is very important.
The paperwork which I was given has opened up my eyes”

“The equipments great but you still need eyes in the back of your head!”

“Its helped me out lots as I wouldn’t of been able to afford everything required”

For further information contact your local Sure Start Centre or ring 01484 415465.