CLICK HERE to view/download/print a copy of our poster, ‘20 ways to fight the cost-of-living crisis with sustainability’. You might choose to set yourself a personal goal to cross of as many of the tips as possible, to save you money… Or why not hang the poster in your workplace or local community centre, to support others.

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YCC’s Sustainability Champion: Samantha Latchayya | 01484 519988 | [email protected]

Sustainability Forum Members:

Christine Rhodes – YCC Children & Family Services Employee

Jodie Kavanagh – YCC Children & Family Services Employee

Gill Goodswen – YCC Trustee & Governor

Lucy Martin – YCC Volunteer Coordinator

Rob Edden – YCC Senior Leadership Team Member

Samantha Cashman – YCC Children & Family Services Employee

Stephen Halliday – YCC Volunteer

Susan Greenwood – YCC Tenant